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About Us

In 1967, five S.A.D.T.A. Examiners branched out on their own to form a small society, which could move more swiftly into the rapidly changing dance world.

This small society snowballed to become an international Society with branches spreading to various countries around the world.

The five ladies who ventured out on their own were Nina Bodenham, Thelma Cripps, Thelma Isaacs, Rita Michaelson and Anna Nell. As there were no available funds to start with, these ladies paid their own way for many years.

When examining got under way, only “train fares” and 1 or 2 star hotels were paid for. Examining time was not remunerated. This continued for several years before an office, accountant & secretary etc. could be funded and examining fees paid.

The first of many meetings was held in Nina Bodenham's flat. She became our unpaid secretary until the society became properly established and recognized.

It was decided that there would be no official chair as, each week, this position rotated between the then 5 Directors. This rotation method is still used in the Society at all meetings.

The titled used was I.D.T.A (International Dance Teachers Association). This title was used for 30 years as our work was drawn from various methods and countries. Teachers from around the world were invited to conduct classes in South Africa.

Thelma Cripps and Anna Nell traveled extensively every few years to New York and London (at their own expense) to gather work and knowledge to use in writing a Modern and Tap syllabus to compare favorably with the rest of the world. The syllabus was revised twice over the years before today’s syllabus was choreographed by the Board and choreographers listed further on in our History.

Trim dance was added to assist older people to enjoy dance and keep fit. It was also a fundraiser, but had to be set aside as the volume of work increased.

The Society was unaware at the time that another I.D.T.A Society existed in London. As this Society was established before the South African Society, it was decided to change our name to A.I.D.T. (Association of International Dance Teachers). This became necessary to avoid confusion, with the advent of the Internet, and as South African teachers were emigrating and wishing to continue with the present A.I.D.T syllabus that they had trained in and studied.

In the late 90’s it became clear that the Society needed to completely revise and update our syllabus to keep in tune with the speed in which dance was moving. The Board acquired the assistance of some of knowledgeable choreographers and teachers to completely renew the syllabus.

The choreographers responsible for setting out a complete “new look” A.I.D.T syllabus consisted of the present Board (Norma Maisley, Thelma Cripps, and Thelma Dancig. Thelma Isaacs, Anna Nell and Margie Wells) with most valuable and up to date input from Henry Noppe, Bridgitte Reeve-Taylor, Madeline Rowland and Lynn Cusak.

These very knowledgeable, experienced teachers and choreographers gave their time and talent so generously. They were superb in producing an in-depth, exciting syllabus.

The Syllabus is aimed not only in producing good dancers, choreographers and teachers, but also to give much joy and stimulation to pupils and teachers..

Yuval Beck from Israel, opened up a new world of tap to us. When we decided to redo the Tap syllabus, his superb knowledge of technique and flair for rhythm assisted us in writing the syllabus. This new format has revived interest in Tap and helped to create an exciting syllabus enjoyed by all.

The most recent addition has been the introduction of a Hip Hop syllabus choreographed by Di Ross, a well-known Cape Town teacher and choreographer. This work has delighted pupils who are “into” the music and style so popular with today’s youth.

The A.I.D.T is always ready to adapt or accept changes to current styles.