is an examining body and non-profit association, whose aim is to promote the teaching and standard of Modern, Tap and Hip Hop dancing.
A comprehensive syllabus in all section enables students from the age of 5 (five) years upwards to learn the correct technique, develop discipline and musicality while enjoying the dancing experience. Careful attention is given to anatomy as used in dance to avoid injury through incorrect use.

Our Aims

Pre Grade children learn about a simple subject to which they can easily relate, regardless of language and using simple basic techniques. This develops discipline, musicality, enjoyment and is usually danced in a small group.

Older children learn through a carefully developed syllabus moving through several grades, each employing more technique and encouraging a basic knowledge of anatomy pertaining to the work, as well as musicality and presentation. There are 9 Modern, 8 Tap and 4 Hip Hop grade exams at present.

Advanced dancers go on through 3 Modern, 3 Tap and 2 Hip Hop exams that will eventually lead into more professional dancing, and a final Solo Performers exam, if the necessary standard has been achieved.

During examination, examiners note any potentially good dancers who are eligible to receive a Bursary from the Association. This enables them to further their studies.

Pre-Level and Level exams in Modern Tap and Grades have been introduced. This enables the pupil with correct work but limited abilities, to participate in all examinations.